Put your security to the real test

In the ongoing battle with cyber-attacks, security incidents are inevitable. But the consequences of a breach don’t have to be. The most severe breaches are often caused by a lack of early detection and security readiness. So what can you do?

Move to a proactive cycle of preparation and detection. Security risk assessments are the best way to expose vulnerabilities in your infrastructure before breaches happen. Our experts will put your security readiness to a real test before you have to deal with real consequences.

Data Loss Prevention Assessments

Prevent accidental or malicious loss of data by facilitating early risk detection and mitigation. We can help you reduce risk of exposure with assessments that provide information about data traveling through the network (data-in-motion assessment) and where sensitive data resides (data-at-rest assessment).


Application Security Assessments

Go beyond automated scanning to identify vulnerabilities in commercial, web, and third-party software applications. Our security assessment will help you determine how data is stored, processed, or transmitted so that you can remediate vulnerabilities and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Network Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Define the current and future state of your security environment with a complete internal and external cyber-security assessment. We can help you uncover weaknesses in network security, identify gaps in compliance requirements, review existing policies and standards, and then validate remediation steps.


Security Penetration Testing

Take the first tactical step to begin identifying weaknesses in your IT environment. Our security professionals use proven techniques and tools to help you evaluate your technical, administrative, and management security controls, and conduct tests against your security perimeter using real-world techniques.


HIPAA Security Assessments

Identify potential security threats that can put your patients’ data and organization at risk. Our HIPAA Security Assessment is an in-depth appraisal of your organization’s adherence to existing policies and industry best practices. We’ll also help you develop countermeasures to meet HIPAA Security Rule requirements.


PCI-DSS Security Assessment Services

PCI DSS is a unified set of payment account data security requirements to help protect merchants and financial institutions from breaches and theft of cardholder data. Our PCI-DSS Security Assessment is an in-depth pre-audit gap analysis of your adherence to the PCI-DSS standard combined with advisory and remediation services to meet audit requirements.


Request an Assessment

We’ll provide you with assessment services that determine the current state of your data center, cloud, mobility, and software environments. And our readiness assessments are the first step to supporting a new technology, application, architecture, or solution.