Gain confidence in your security strategy

Today’s dynamic security landscape continues to grow with increasingly sophisticated threats that can be elusive. To protect your organization take a holistic, comprehensive, and integrated approach to your security strategy.

We can help you formulate a strategy to manage your physical & nonphysical security infrastructure to deliver non-stop protection and to meet regulatory compliance. With advanced security in place, you can also confidently move forward with adopting new technologies including cloud, mobility, and unified communications.

  • Improve your security posture
  • Optimize the value of your security investments
  • Respond to malicious threats quickly and accurately
  • Address web-based security threats more efficiently
  • Demonstrate security and compliance posture on-demand

VFTrader security services combine a breadth of technologies, intelligence, analytics, and teams of experts. This gives you control and visibility of the entire security event lifecycle.

  • Network physical security: to detect unauthorized cable access, data tapping, tampering and cable theft
  • Information Security Management System: reduce risks and provide effective security processes in your enterprise.
  • Network- & Security Architecture: Information security requires a well structured security architecture.
  • Security Awareness: target awareness of its employees to a risk and security aware handling of information