FFT’s network physical security solutions ensure any portion of enterprise, operational, or industrial networks can be monitored in real time to automatically detect suspicious or unauthorized physical damage or access to network infrastructure.

Using sophisticated fiber optic signal analysis techniques, FFT systems operate in parallel with the operational network using standard fiber optic sensing cables. FFT systems reliably detect physical attempts to access the network and precise location of the event is provided in real time so network segments can be isolated and communications traffic re-routed.

VFTrader’s approach has the added benefit of operating outside the communications network so monitoring does not impact network performance (like encryption can) A continuous fiber optic sensor creates an intelligent security blanket that overlays the critical network. Spare fiber optic strands can often be used to create a quickly deployed and comprehensive intrusion detection system.

FFT solutions are available to protect and monitor short network segments, network access via manholes, country-wide telecom deployments and even co-located copper cable. High-end FFT solutions locate intrusions to within six meters and can even detect nearby activity such as excavation, tunneling, manual digging, and vehicles.