Key Differentiators

VFTrader & FFT provides a complete range of fibre optic based intrusion detection systems for perimeter protection and pipeline security that offer:

  • Long range – up to 80km or 50 miles of sensor optical path length for some systems
  • Zoned systems delivering high end performance to the small perimeter market
  • No power or electronics in the field
  • Intrinsically safe, immune to EMI, RFI, and lightning
  • Systems that pinpoint the precise location of an intrusions
  • Comprehensive two year warranty from FFT’s global offices


FFT is the global leader in fibre optic intrusion detection systems, with a track record of delivering highly intelligent, reliable, and award winning intrusion detection solutions for the protection of critical sites and infrastructures. Since its establishment in 1994, FFT has grown to become the technology of choice for perimeter protection applications, pipeline monitoring and communications/data network security. With many hundreds of installations in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, FFT has the proven real-world experience to deliver highly reliable, advanced, yet cost-effective intrusion detection solutions for the Airport, Government, Military, Defence, Oil and Gas industries, as well as to a broad range of commercial organisations.

The right products

FFT offers a complete family of fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection products, delivering end-to-end intrusion detection solutions from the smallest to the largest sites across the world. And all FFT products incorporate their patented advanced signal processing to control nuisance alarms. You can choose with confidence:

  • FFT Secure Fence (link)
    Perimeter protection: intrusion detection & location. Up to 80km (50 miles) of sensor cable with a single fence security system, no power, electronics or maintenance in the field. The fibre optic sensor is attached to the fence, and pinpoints the location of an intrusion to within 10 metres (10 yards) on FFT approved installations.
  • FFT Secure Point (link)
    A powerful yet easy to configure dual zone fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection system sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types. Each zone can be up to 500m long and the controller can be housed remotely (up to 10km) from the perimeter. High end performance for the small perimeter market at a competitive price.
  • FFT Secure Zone (link)
    A zone based fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection system. Zones typically 200 metres long, with 8 or 16 zones per controller. Simple to install with no power or electronics in the field, and multiple perimeter security systems can be networked to secure more complex sites.
  • FFT Aura SR (link)
    Perimeter protection that is sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types, as well as covertly buried in the ground. Protect up to 16km with one system and locate intrusions to as little as 6 metres. No power, electronics or maintenance in the field. Offers cut resilience and redundancy.
  • FFT Secure Link (link)
    Detect and locate illegal data tapping and interference with sensitive communications lines. Locates an intrusion to within 25 metres (25 yards), anywhere on the network on FFT approved installations.
  • FFT Secure Pipe (link)
    Pipeline security system that will detect and locate TPI and illegal tapping activities on oil & gas pipelines in real-time over thousands of kilometres. Locates the threat to within 150 metres (150 yards) on FFT approved installations.
  • FFT Aura LR (link)
    Detects and locates intrusions and TPI on buried pipelines in real-time, before pipeline damage occurs. Pinpoints the location of the threat to within 10 metres (30 feet) on FFT approved installations.

These products have been specifically developed for military and industrial applications then refined to fulfil end user needs over many years. With seamless integration to camera systems, external devices, email systems, or higher-level security management systems, combined with monitoring zone distances being set flexibly in software, FFT easily becomes an integral part of the total security solution.
Whether your intrusion detection requirements are for 200 metres or 200 kilometres, military or commercial, FFT has the right system to solve your specific security problems.


With many hundreds of intrusion detection systems installed in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, FFT has the experience to deliver highly reliable and cost-effective solutions to any security needs. Sales and technical support is provided by FFT offices located around the globe into more than 55 countries.
FFT customers include the US Border Patrol, US Army, BP (British Petroleum), Gulf Petroleum, US Department of Homeland Security, Tesoro Petroleum, Tokyo Gas, NTT Japan, Singapore Ministry of Defence, ExxonMobil, Credit Suisse First Boston Bank, Chubb Security, Shell, plus many other industrial, military and Government organisations.


FFT carries full ISO 9001:2008 certification – your guarantee of consistent product quality. FFT systems were originally developed for military applications, and these same products with the same military quality are now available for Commercial and Industrial applications.

Leading Warranty

All FFT systems that VFTrader supply, come with a comprehensive two year hardware and software warranty, and a warranty extension program is available beyond this initial two year period for the life of the product.


VFTrader has sales and support offices located in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar to service its growing customer base. VFTrader’s network of highly skilled and factory trained technical staff and partners located around the world deliver outstanding support services in ASEAN.

The value proposition

With no need for power or electronics or control boxes in the field, you can immediately appreciate the savings in infrastructure costs (cabling, trenching, approvals), the increase in field reliability (no field components to fail), and the subsequent reduction in maintenance and life cycle costs.